LEAFLEX, Tonnellier Group’s latest innovation!

LEAFLEX, Tonnellier Group’s latest innovation!

LEAFLEX, Tonnellier Group’s latest innovation!

Box insertion now made easy, no matter how large your leaflets are!



Patient information leaflets are subject to always more stringent European law requirements. They indeed need to provide more and more information in numerous languages. At the same time, they have to remain easy to read for every patient.



Patient information leaflets require an increased printing surface. As a consequence, they are larger and therefore thicker and more rigid once they are folded. This trend in leaflets’ new profile is source of numerous technical issues related to packaging:

  • frequent disruptions on packaging lines: lines stop as leaflets cannot enter the box
  • the product (blister…) can be damaged when it pushes the leaflet


Problem: all these technical difficulties have a direct negative impact on productivity and quality performance!



In order to address these issues, Tonnellier Group developed LEAFLEX, a very large leaflet which is extremely easy to insert into the box.


How is it possible? What is the Flex Zone?

LEAFLEX is a large leaflet featuring a flexible zone to facilitate its insertion with the product (blister, bottle…) into the box: in this zone the thickness of the leaflet is significantly reduced, thanks to its innovative folding. This is the Flex Zone.


LEAFLEX’ benefits

The high flexibility of LEAFLEX greatly improves productivity and drastically reduces make-ready times on packaging lines.

LEAFLEX facilitates the use of large and easy to read leaflets. It therefore contributes to the patients’ safety and comfort.


  • adjustable and customizable: the flexible zone’s dimensions and its position on the leaflet is determined by the specifications of the product and the box.
  • available in several different leaflet typologies: reel-fed, pre-folded, folded and outsert
  • patented


Find LEAFLEX on video:

More info: commercial@groupe-tonnellier.com!

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